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The Federal Agency is conducting a sting operation, using undercover agents to infiltrate an outlaw biker gang and take down a dangerous drug lord. He also has stalker on his trail. Jordan Riker is a lion shifter with a difficult past. Rick Cantrell is a never-take-no-for-an-answer kind of guy. Zac McQuade is a former marine living two lives.

Brody Maitland is a practicing psychologist with a few secrets of his own. Though he has always admired Zac, he thinks he is terminally straight. As the attraction between the two very different men heats up, they are faced with the ultimate test of love and loyalty. Fate takes a surprise swing when Vega contacts Remy and wants to talk. Brig Monroe is a brainy security specialist with unique paranormal abilities—a geek with muscles. The media likes to portray him as a playboy. The assassins on his trail call him the target.

The last thing she needs is the distraction of white-hot lust when one-step in the wrong direction could mean death for both of them. It's actually a battle between two monsters and Anna is caught in between. The writing is very vivid and detailed. Plot is slick like blood covered floor, characters completely Black and White. No Grey area here!!! Dec 25, E. Summers rated it really liked it Shelves: erotica , arcs , reads , suspense , horror. Title: Mad Girl Author: A. It was what I had been raised on and the temptation was one I was going to fail without choice.

Although written by A. Dark, this isn't as horror-oriented as It follows a much more thoughtful, suspenseful and psychological pathway, whilst still containing the detailed blood, gore and rape which keeps it firm Title: Mad Girl Author: A. It follows a much more thoughtful, suspenseful and psychological pathway, whilst still containing the detailed blood, gore and rape which keeps it firmly within the horror genre.

Her beauty and brutality was right out of a wet dream. Dark is on my must-read author list. Her imagination is twisted, her stories full of intrigue and no-holds-barred descriptions. Having said that, the only reason I could not rate this a five star book was simply due to there being too much telling, not enough showing - the same problem I have had with the author's other work.

It leaves these thrilling events pretty confusing, and sometimes skips out entire passages of time. Similarly, I could have done with a little more development, a slower pace so I could really bring myself to care about Anna. I was the man who loved a killer. Despite these flaws, this book maintained my interest from the first page to the last page, to the extent where I ended up pulling an all-nighter just to finish it off. A strong start to a series with a hell of a lot of potential.

I'll be keeping an eye out for the sequel. Mad Girl by A. Dark combines suspense, psychological, murder, mystery, slasher- you name it, Mad Girl has it. Dark creates a character who, while deeply scarred and monstrously conditioned by her mother's manipulations, still makes you want her to overcome and somehow make it in the end despite her flaws.

Anna is tortured by her mother's sins and struggles with who she has been trying to be and who she feels she is, inside. Anna finds her o Mad Girl by A. Anna finds her other half in Detective Braden Casey who, though a police detective, also has a complicated past, fueling his own flaws. The deep passion that they feel for each other is needed to carry the psychological weight of the story. Their relationship moves the plot and is used by No One as a weapon that brings Annalise to the forefront.

Dark's writing is descriptive and well-written. You really get to know the characters and I enjoyed that about her work, even when there were moments I was filled with anxiety. Overall, If you like thrillers, blood and madness, Mad Girl by A. Dark is the book for you. Just maybe don't read it right before bedtime. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book I received from the author in exchange for my fair and honest review. Jan 03, Laura Lee rated it it was amazing. Well Hello Darkness!! Just a warning, this book is totally Black and White… No Grey matters here… You will be drawn in with zero questions asked about what is happening!!!

The details are there, bloody and gory with nothing left out. An absolute page turner that leaves you wanting more when you finish. Although this is a standalone, it is part of a series. You could stop after reading this BUT…why would you want to do that! Anna Monroe, her life started out on a murderous path.

Trained to do wha Well Hello Darkness!!

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Trained to do what her mother expected her to do. Putting her lipstick on and acting out horrendous acts led by her mother.

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Once she was older, she was adopted and changed her name to Anna Monroe. Detective Braden Casey has found his true love. But when he meets Anna, he is more driven after seeing her the first time, to solve this case. The ride we go on with this story is Thrilling!! I definitely need the next book ASAP to find out more!!!

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I need more!!! Want More!!! Jun 07, Elaine rated it really liked it. I just loved her. Crazy, but so so Jan 15, Kathy rated it it was amazing. Read this in one sitting. That hasn't happened in a long while. As I have just finished, my brain is literally hurting trying to sort out the horrors contained within this crazy tale. What a wild ride this one was!

Gruesome is an understatement. I'm going to have to let this soak in for a while. If you are not familiar with dark genre books, then do not attempt to jump in the pool with this one! Stay out of the water, my friends; it's murky, actually bloody! I'm rambling. My brain is fried. I Read this in one sitting.

I mean, just wow. If you're a fan of the darkness, then by all means, dive in and enjoy the swim.

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Now, my body says sleep, but my brain says "good luck turning me off after reading this! Thank you A. Dec 16, Thai Holman rated it it was amazing. This had me at the prologue. Anna has a dark past. Her mother a killer. But now she's grown up and another serial killer on the loose. I don't even know what I was expecting but omg once in I was hooked and needed answers. Especially from the letters the killer wrote. AA Dark has done it again totally pulled me into this story and holding my kindle for dear life. At times I had no idea what to expect. Now adding another fave to my list.

Burn for Burn

Five addicting stars. Jan 27, Haseena Sassybabe rated it it was amazing. I just love it. I like how the author narrated the story alternating between the three main characters' point of view. And there was a revelation in the last part of the book about a character who is mentioned at the start. That was a shocking bomb because I never for any moment gave much thought to that character. And I would love to read more of them because I want to know how their lives turn out to be after Book 1.

Dec 27, Amanda Harris rated it it was amazing.

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An Imposition is the first in a series of books based on events at the Department of Energy's top-secret Monroe nuclear weapons laboratory during the boom. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online An Imposition (The Monroe Chronicles Book 1) file PDF.

Dark did it again. I was sucked into the darkness within the first chapter. When she said this book was going to be dark she was not joking. If your a fan of dark reads then this should be at the top of your must read list. Alaska did an outstanding job creating a complex character in Anna that I couldn't get enough of. There were parts of this book that my heart broke for her and Braden both.

Jan 15, Jodie Foster rated it it was amazing. Sick sick sick, and creepy, and oh so dark. I shudder, but it must have been good because I'm looking for part two. Dec 31, NC Reader rated it it was amazing. Another 5 star read, another jaw dropper and another "what the hell"! Dark, twisted, brutal Dec 14, doreen rated it liked it. The book started off great. I started not liking the heroine. I didn't feel the chemistry between the Heroine or the Hero in the story.

Then the ending wasn't what I thought it should be. But with the way it ended you need a book 2. I will continue to read book 2 and hope the Heroine redeems herself in my eyes. Dec 21, Liza Mora rated it it was amazing. Dark was deliciously, gruesome and awesome!!! I mean look what the first sentence in the description reads, "My mother was the Madison Ridge killer I immediately thought, WHAT?!? Oh, this is going to be so good! Okay, this is the story of Annalise Fowler, who is known as Anna Monroe since being adopted as a little girl.

So Anna's life has consisted of, her real mother a serial killer, her adoptive mother a super religious fanatic, her girlfriend Jade a liar and her love Detective Braden Casey, an enigma himself by far. It's very surprising how Anna has survived this long without completely losing her mind and then some. Everyone important in her life has let her down somehow, from her real mother, adoptive mother, girlfriend, to the love of her life.

They all have molded her somehow, from being Bad Anna to Good Anna but all she wants to be is in the middle. I honestly loved it and at the same time, I felt it ironic and fascinating how A. Dark made me feel sympathetic towards every killer in this book. I can truly understand, why the characters in this book would want to exact revenge.

Even though it's hard to understand the killing of anyone, I truly got it. In spite of it being a vicious cycle, a tooth for a tooth but in reality, when does it end? Okay fellow readers, I don't want to give too much away because what's the fun in that, right? Just trust me on this one, at the end you will be one elated reader. I know I was!!! So much so, it borders on the brink of horror. If you have no qualms with that, then I urge you to read this book! I have become enamored of this darker side that the author is manifesting. Is a killer born or a production of circumstance?

First she was schooled by her mother, the Madison Ridge Killer, to think one way. Then as she was growing up after being adopted, she was trained to another. Both influences and environments at the opposite side of the spectrum.