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This is in contrast to a typical situation currently where participants for example, in different organisations are looking at different databases that are independently managed and updated.

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Business processes that are characterised by inefficiencies eg trade finance , or exist because of a lack of trust eg Know Your Customer requirements in financial services or poor supply chain visibility eg for global garment supply chains are all key areas for distributed ledger applications. This report introduces and explores the concept of distributed ledgers, examines its commercial potential and how this relates to different aspects of professional accountancy.

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Download PDF 1. Divided we fall, distributed we stand.

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Support the Independent by purchasing this title via our affliate links: Amazon. Join YourDictionary today. The Polarizers is a book meant to describe the historic roots of an elite-driven impetus to create ideologically responsive parties in the United States. Back Genres. College Sports: Students Be Damned.

The professional accountant's guide to distributed ledgers and blockchain. A lack of political control makes it difficult to pass legislation that significantly changes the status quo.

Divided We Stand

Fiscal innovations as the recent budget agreement points out tend to be tepid rather than radical. Major new economic legislation is rare. Markets favor a certain, relatively unchanging policy environment to one where governmental activists are attempting new innovations in state control.

The bold periods of innovation in twentieth century economic policy, such as the eras of the New Deal and Great Society, were always when a single party the Democratic party in recent times was in control. When the parties are jockeying for political power, the Federal Reserve does not have the concentrated power of the Executive and legislative branches of the government trying to divert it from its major goal of fighting debasement in the value of the currency. We see this in labor markets.

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Absent a Republican Congress, even the relatively wimpish th Congress of , Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass. At the behest of the AFL-CIO, whose money is so vital to Democratic fortunes, a Democrat-dominated Congress might pass pro-labor legislation that would, for example, ban the use of replacement workers in strike situations. Both of these moves would raise the cost of labor, thereby reducing the quantity of it demanded.


"United we stand, divided we fall" is a phrase used in many different kinds of mottos, most often to inspire unity and collaboration. Its core concept lies in the. About Divided We Stand. More than forty years ago, two women's movements drew a line in the sand between liberals and conservatives. The far-reaching.

In my view, the stock market boom of recent years arose because major legislative initiatives threatening returns on capital investment have been thwarted and prospects of legislative mischief are remote. In the two and one-half years of divided government that followed, the index doubled.

Divided we stand

The threat of a completely socialized health care system was past. In times of national crisis, political unity is important.

Why is unemployment lower today than at any time in nearly a quarter of a century?