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Unlike so many bar designers, Wooton Designers did not take the typical manly whiskey bar ethos and twist it a little when they designed Inns Whiskey In many cultures, weddings are colourful affairs with costume changes and other colour-adding traditions dating back hundreds of years.

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In the It is clearly the coming-of-age season for co-working spaces, private business clubs and specialized health clubs. We are seeing grown-up options in Coworking spaces have grown up. Gone are the stereotypical — and therefore utterly boring — beanbag, pool table and cereal bar infested startup Sharing a meal and preparing food together are tactile and intimate acts.

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In the most humble of shelters as in the most luxurious of residences What Donald Trump has done—in this case, according to the summary of a single phone call, lean on a foreign president to launch two spurious investigations in order to hurt political rivals, offering the services of the U. Department of Justice for the purpose—is shockingly corrupt, a danger to American democracy, and worthy of impeachment.

Franklin Foer: Democracy versus kleptocracy. But the egregiousness of these acts must not blind us to the culture of influence-peddling that surrounds and enables them.

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That culture is fundamental to the cynical state we are in, and it needs examining. In April , he became a director of Burisma , the largest natural-gas producer in Ukraine. He had no prior experience in the gas industry, nor with Ukrainian regulatory affairs, his ostensible purview at Burisma. A dozen-plus years earlier, amid the collapse of the U. That heist also was assisted by U.

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Zlochevsky fled Ukraine. Deripaska defeated U.

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Threat hunting reinvented. Hunting Experts. Meet us Online. Starting at 8th level, moving through nonmagical difficult terrain costs you no extra movement. Action Biography Comedy. Edit page.

So did every other Western government and dozens of Ukrainian and international pro-democracy activists. Franklin Foer: Paul Manafort, American hustler.

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I was just joining that organization, as the first senior fellow working on international corruption. His work for Yanukovych was not widely advertised. Craig was prosecuted on the narrow count of lying to federal investigators.

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He was acquitted. To see the grin on his face that day, it was as though he had been absolved not just of criminal misconduct but also of moral wrongdoing.

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When prominent Americans leverage their global reputations for financial gain, they attract almost no attention today. How many of us who consider ourselves well versed in U.