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They rubbed multiple colors over each other to created the marbled effect. Allow the eggs to dry a bit between colors, or avoid touching the colored areas to prevent smudging. I hope you enjoyed this fun Painted Easter Eggs project. Take pictures and share them with us on Facebook and Instagram. Your email address will not be published.

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Your colored eggs are adorable. You have given me some decorating inspiration! I used a standard Calphalon muffin tin , which even though it was non stick, I still sprayed generously with cooking spray. This, you might want to note, turned out to be a really good idea. Next I cracked an egg and dropped it into the first cup. There is no special magic going on here, just be careful not to be too rough if you like the egg yolk whole, then just crack one in each cup. I decided to break the yolk in half of the eggs and swirl them around just a bit, and leave the other half in tact. That way I could see if one way cooked better than the other or any other benefits.

Then I just put them in the oven, if you wanted to add salt and pepper, you could add it right on top before you put them in to cook. I baked them for 15 minutes, checked them, decided they still looked like they could be a tad more set, two minutes later, checked again, and they looked perfect.

I had to laugh when I realized they cooked for 17 minutes.

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I won't write the i love eggs by mama Q was copied and pasted but the cookbook is strangely formatted. You will find the cookbook skips a page numerically i.e. Results 1 - 16 of Mama, Mama, Only Mama: An Irreverent Guide for the Newly Single Parent― From Divorce and Dating to .. i love eggs by mama Q.

I let them cool a minute and then ran a knife around the edges and pulled them out pretty easily. I do think it might have been a nightmare, had I not sprayed before hand. I found the ones that had looked extra puffy in the oven had really just gotten an air bubble underneath so they were all roughly the same size. They looked good, but only the taste test would really tell the result of this pin test. I decided to try one of each, the whole yolk and the broken yolk.

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I bit into the whole yolk egg and again, to my surprise, it was perfect! It was just delicious! I tried the other egg with the slightly mixed yolk and it was just as good! I think deciding whether you will break the yolk is personal preference.

How do boiled eggs on the stove compare to the Instant Pot?

I liked it better because instead of getting a large bite of yolk at some point, you get a little bit in each bite, but both ways were a huge success. I liked them.

I LOVE EGG (english version)

My husband liked them. My kids liked them. They were quick. Overall, I thought that it was a success cooking on the vegetable steamer, and have made them that way several times since I tried it the first time.

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When I need more, I tend to use the method above to cool down the pot and cook another batch. On one batch of eggs I made, I missed the timer going off and it ended up on Natural Release for about an extra minutes.

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These eggs came out pretty much exactly the same, easy to peel, done all the way through, BUT there was a slightly gray ring around the yolk indicating that they were probably a little over done. They still tasted about the same though so we ate them! I think you could easily do a hard boiled egg with a natural release but you would need to reduce the cook time from 10 minutes.

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For me, it seems easier to just keep track of one time, so I will be sticking with my primary method. I will be using my Instant Pot from now on to make my hard boiled eggs. That easy peel just has my heart! I hope that you found this helpful and makes it easier to jump into making eggs in your Instant Pot! If you have any questions, or a tried and true method you love for making hard boiled eggs, please share it with me below in the comments. Prep 2 hours.

Cook 10 hours. Total 12 hours. Yield Cool eggs by running under cold water to eat immediately, or let them cool naturally on the counter or fridge.

How to Bake Perfect Eggs in the Oven {Pin Test}

Did you make this recipe? Rate it:. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I love my Instant Pot and I love all the different varieties in egg cooking time! I do a method. Perfect every time! You need to try the egg log, crack the eggs in a well greased dish. I usually do 6 eggs in a bowl and a dozen in the pot at the same time. You may need to pat the top if the steam left a little water. Eggs for salads without peeling!

Or do the potatoes in the lower level and set your bowl on top.

How to Bake Perfect Eggs in the Oven {Pin Test}

The instructions show 12 hours for the eggs :. I have my stovetop method down, but the eggs are very hard to peel. Free Recipe Club. Prep 2 hours Cook 10 hours Total 12 hours.