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Never give up! I achieved some success — and I am extremely grateful — but was always a very long struggle. I think it is very important for a woman to have the commitment and to persevere, you must have a strong belief in yourself. As a woman, you need the confidence that you can carry on and take new steps every time.

So I believe in hard work; it gives you that layer of confidence. Realising these ambitious projects was the most rewarding of experiences — and I a, always very proud to see them become popular and well utilised.

It was exciting to work with enthusiastic clients and collaborators who shared our vision and demonstrated tremendous civic pride. These are vital characteristics that allow an architect to build extraordinary projects! Liya Kebede is an Ethiopian-born model, maternal health advocate, clothing designer, and actress. In the same year, she founded The Liya Kebede Foundation which raises awareness and support for actions to improve maternal health education and training so that more women can access life-saving maternity care during pregnancy and childbirth.

I find myself inspired by all women. For me, I would say that my ultimate inspiration is really the modern woman, the multitasking woman.

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Forgot Password? Moreover, psychophysical investigations in which stimulus properties are systematically varied reveal thresholds of experience below which no temporal relationship is perceived. Realising these ambitious projects was the most rewarding of experiences — and I a, always very proud to see them become popular and well utilised. The experienced moment can be related to more elementary units of perception. The coast landscape is very curious and changing. It is impossible to ignore the temporal context of what we perceive.

For young women starting their careers, I would tell them that the most important thing is to have passion and to not let yourself be discouraged by anything. I think that it would be becoming a mother. From seeing them for the very first time, to watching them grow up, that is my Moment in Light. I was truly honoured to be amongst all the other women in this amazing project, they are all women to be inspired by.

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Karen Mok is an actress and singer-songwriter who has enjoyed fantastic success for the past 20 years. De Beers is delighted to include Karen Mok within the Moments in Light celebration of talented women. She is an advocate of same-sex marriage, ambassador for numerous charities and foundations such as UNICEF and was awarded the title of cultural ambassador of Bergamo in Her elegant style, captivating energy and award-winning talents continue to inspire those around her, and across the world.

It was an incredible honour to be part of a platform that celebrates talented women and their respective crafts. When I was three years old. I remember one night when the whole family was — as usual — in front of the TV and we were watching some programme. I believe that was my first Moment in Light that I ever experienced. She is beautiful, she was a career woman, she is level-headed, elegant and romantic at the same time. She is everything I want to be and I think that she has definitely played a very important role in shaping me to become who I am today.

I can not thank her enough for it. It is important to carry yourself with dignity and integrity, not just as a woman, but as a human being. In my work and my career, I have tried to stay true to myself in terms of my work ethic, my demands to myself to do the best that I can and to treat others with respect.

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The diversity of women and talents that is recognized in the Moments in Light campaign speaks volumes of what each and every one of us can hope to achieve, and inspire others to achieve. Since graduating, Aszure has proceeded to inspire and lead other dancers.

She has an energetic presence about her that influences both her work and her persona, she continually inspires those around her and intrigues with her extraordinary talent.

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Generous encouragement and faith from others — listening to my gut, luck, hard work and persistence. Also in mischief. Also in singing, especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed. My mother and sisters — my mother is the most honest woman I know. She taught me to stand my ground and to believe in myself. My sisters are my best friends. We are a little tribe that sticks together through everything that life throws at us.

Stand in your truth, be kind, have courage; love and be proud of who you are, remain egoless and believe in your inherent wisdom. We need to support each other and empower each other to achieve great things.

I have experienced so many special moments in my life. So many moments, big and small, that have reminded me to stay as present as possible and to keep trusting my intuition and heart. Australian chef Skye Gyngell is reknowed for her exquisite use of seasonal produce.

In , Sky opened her restaurant 'Spring' at Somerset House. When working with Mary McCartney in selecting the master craftswomen for the Moments in Light celebration, Skye was an immediate choice. She exudes elegance and confidence, not only in her personality but also in the dishes that she creates with inimitable talent and refinement.

I felt honoured to be asked — I was very surprised but pleasantly so. To get the opportunity to work with both De Beers and Mary was amazing. Working with her was a dream — it was fun and collaborative and very easy. Mary was very warm and very real and I had a perfect day!

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I felt special and beautiful that is unusual for me; I normally feel dishevelled and untidy! I the same about wearing De Beers diamonds though — they are so beautiful and soft to wear, they feel part of your body, like they almost mold to who you are. You wear the jewellery rather than allowing for the jewellery to wear you. Almost everybody who has inspired me are woman — certainly in my chosen career. It is women who seem to really look at the bigger picture. I am also inspired by my mother who is strong and independent and still so active even though she is now in her late seventies. I think woman are extraordinary — I can not understand why we do not totally run the world, we would be so much better at it!

I think there are those little moments throughout your life, small epiphanies that change everything or give you an opportunity to grow. When I walked through the door of Petersham for the first time, there was almost nothing there but a rickety old garden centre on the edge of the river, that was one of those moments; it was as if I had a photograph so clearly in my mind of what it could become. I would like to get more involved in the politics of food. I would like to make a difference on some level in terms of the consumption of good food — food that not only tastes delicious but is healthy for you.

To achieve your goals I believe you have to work hard, learn your craft, whatever that may be. Rather than look for success for success' sake — just have great integrity in what you do. In Cornelia Parker elected member of the Royal Academy of Arts, artist Cornelia Parker specialises in installations and sculpture. Exploring a combination of visual and verbal allusions, her work triggers cultural metaphors and personal associations, allowing the viewer to witness the transformation of the most ordinary objects into something compelling and extraordinary.

To think that women who live in difficult situations can have the trajectory of their lives improved, and to be able to play a part in that, is wonderful. When I was nominated for the Turner Prize in , it happened in the same month that I first met my husband in Texas.