The Practice of Prophesying

The Practice of Prophesying
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Practice #3 - Learn To Prophesy By Praying The Word

He ministered in weekly conferences, delivering several thousand spoken messages until He gave his last public conference in February at the age of His major work, Life-Study of the Bible, comprises over 25, pages of commentary on every book of the Bible from the perspective of the believers' enjoyment and experience of God's divine life in Christ through the Spirit.

The Practice of Prophesying. Witness Lee. To prophesy in the sense of 1 Corinthians 14 denotes to speak for God and Christ and to speak forth God and Christ. To speak forth God and Christ is to minister and dispense God and Christ to people.

How to Practice Prophesying that Builds the Church

This book helps us to see the basic knowledge concerning prophesying, the patterns of prophesy, the basic constituents of a prophecy, and the obstacles to prophesying. How did you know if it was just a random thought or first impression or an actual message to be delivered? The answer to those questions was found in what had seemed so strange at first: practice. The gift of prophecy is cultivated deliberately and intentionally, and any believer really can function this way, especially if a few principles are kept in mind.

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But these gifts are not about us. They are about God and His goodness being revealed; we merely serve as a conduit for Him to move through. The gift of prophecy is not about seeming super-spiritual or appearing to have a closer relationship to God than everyone else. It is about helping people to recognize that God sees them, He loves them, and He has amazing dreams over them. Instead, mistakes are an opportunity to grow in discernment, understanding, and—perhaps most importantly—grace.

Practice of Prophesying, The

In part 2 of this article, we will get even more practical and begin looking at some specific ways you can engage the spiritual gift of prophecy. In the meanwhile, here are some things to reflect on and pray about:.


In this way prophesying is not a kind of performance or miraculous display, but the overflow of daily feeding on Christ in His Word. Specified Word Forms This option searches for exact matches of the specified words or phrases used in the search string. Louisville: John Knox. There is a direct line connecting Israel, Jesus, Spirit, and Church. The rank values are relative to each other. Thank you for showing us how we can cooperate with you to fulfill Your greatest prophecy to build Your church.

Ask God to help you forgive or let these go, so they are not a hindrance in your heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to examine your heart about your motives for wanting to grow in this gift. Let Him show you if pride has had anything to do with it, and be quick to repent.

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Reflect on personal words you have received. How has the prophetic been significant in your spiritual growth? How has it been encouraging? Forgot your password?

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Click here. Why Practice? Humility is vital. Reflection In part 2 of this article, we will get even more practical and begin looking at some specific ways you can engage the spiritual gift of prophecy.

The Mechanics and Practice of Prophesying: How To Prophesy

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