The Twinning Verse Three: The Song of the Seraphim

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This forms one part of the problem for Nanakuma , as it is yet another way in which Rokuro is put ahead of him. The seven stars theme is quite significant in X. While no twins exist for two of the three girls with siblings in Magic Knight Rayearth , thematic naming still exists. And then there's Hikaru's a name that can translate to "sparkling" dog , Hikari "light".

Marchiano's 12 Sisters in Coyote Ragtime Show. All twelve of them are named after the months of the year though their relative ages [they're gynoids] are not the same as the order of the months. Risa and Riku from D. Digimon : Digimon Tamers has Ai and Makoto, meaning "Love and Truth" respectively, as well as being the title of a popular book. The Kongo Twins of Eyeshield 21 are named Agon and Unsui, which is all part of a very intricate pun: Kongo-Rikishi are the two guardian statues seen at the entrance of Japanese Buddhist temples.

The nicknames for these statues are "Agyo" and "Ungyo". Thus referring to something as an "A-Un relationship" is another way of saying it's harmonious and natural. An "a" statue refers to a statue with an open mouth. An "un" statue is one with a closed mouth usually frowning. Guess which twin is the quiet one and which one's the talker? The true identity of the Heavenly Empress is none other than Lin's twin sister Lui. Raoh's suspiciously similar elder brother Kaioh, although they're not exactly twins. In Free! A variation occurs in Fushigi Yuugi.

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While Amiboshi and Suboshi are known by their Seishi names and not their real ones, it is still worth noting that their Seishi names sound alike. Miboshi , however, is another story Mipple and Mepple from the original Futari wa Pretty Cure. Takuma and Kazuma from Gakuen Babysitters both have the character for "horse" in their names, which also goes along with the rest of the characters' Animal Theme Naming. Kyon of Haruhi Suzumiya calls Mikuru's fake twin "Michiru", playing off this trope. Shizuki and Yuzuki from Hekikai No Aion. Shizuki's name means "calm moon" and Yuzuki is "kind moon". This basically mean "girl 1" and "girl two".

Karauri think this is'nt a very good choice of name, but they like it and thus decide to go with it. Laurent and Lillian from Innocents Shounen Juujigun are a pair of twins with alliterative names. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War has Maki and her twin brother Mikado, whose names contain the characters for "princess" and "emperor" respectively.

Kirio and Kirika of Kamichama Karin. It's also worth noting that their father's name is Kirihiko. Kazune and Kazusa Kujyou, though Kazusa is more of a opposite sex clone than a twin, and their father Kazuto. There are also two bishonen Sinistra and Dextera "left" and "right" in Latin , who are not actually twins but look very much alike. This was lampshaded by their English voice actresses in the audio commentary, who wondered what kind of cruel parents their characters had. Kimi to Boku has identical twins Yuki and Yuta. This does not match in the original , as their names were Fumu and Bun, respectively.

Zero and Rei from Kurohime. Less obvious in translation, as the former's name is usually Anglicized as "Fuka". Idol unit Marginal 4 has twins L and R - yes, like "left" and "right". The anime changed Gackto's name to Gaito in order to play up the connection to Kaito, or maybe just to play down the fact that Gackto has more in common with his namesake than that. There's also the Black Beauty Sisters, Mimi and Sheshe, although "sisters" is just a stage name possibly so they could get away with public displays of affection in the seven-AM programming block.

Although being a pair of enchanted anglerfish, they probably are sisters. The other pair of twins in the series, Caren and Noel, do not match. Mitsudomoe has the Marui triplets Mitsuba, Futaba and Hitoha, whose names translate as "three leaves", "two leaves" and "one leaf" , respectively. The Dylandy twin brothers in Mobile Suit Gundam The older twin is Neil, whose name means "cloud"; the younger twin is Lyle, and his name means "island".

Naruto : Sakon and Ukon take this a bit further than most— they actually share the same body, and the first kanji in their names mean "left" and "right" respectively. Hinata and Neji's fathers were twins: Hiashi and Hizashi, which mean "daytime" and "sunlight" respectively, and both contain the kanji for "sun" like most Hyuga family members.

Then there's Kinkaku and Ginkaku, whose names mean Gold Horn and Silver Horn respectively, and one another's names is the word they have said most in their lives. They usually end their sentences with the other's name. One Piece : A group of minors characters are five young quintuplet mermaids who are named after Japanese numbers: Ichika, Nika, Sanka, Yonka, and Yonka Two ; Usopp swiftly lampshaded how the last sister's name breaks the pattern It should have been "Goka".

Another group of quadruplets who share the same theme naming are the Vinsmoke brothers, named after numbers in the order they were born: Ichiji, Niji, Sanji and Yonji. Their older sister Reiju follows the same pattern, being named after "zero". The Matsuno sextuplets of Osomatsu-kun all have matsu at the end of their first names - Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Todomatsu, etc.. Extends to Family Theme Naming as well since even their parents Matsuzo and Matsuyo have matsu in their names.

Hana flower and Ageha butterfly in the Papillion manga. Their original names are Jiro "second son" and Ichiro "first son" respectively. The Quintessential Quintuplets : The Nakano quintuplets are named after the Japanese numbers for one to five , presumably each in order of birth. The twin maids in Re:Zero are named Ram and Rem. Fraternal twins Miki "tree trunk" and Kozue "tree top" Kaoru from Revolutionary Girl Utena , and reflecting their names Miki is the quieter, more stable one while Kozue is a flashy Attention Whore , especially towards her brother, but is a lot less emotionally stable.

Suiseiseki and Souseiseki of Rozen Maiden "Jade" and "Lapis Lazuli" respectively, also matching up to their dress colors. Phi and Chi and Theta are named for Greek letters. Lethe and Mnemosyne are named around the idea of memory.

What drew you to the friars?

Nijuku and Sanju from Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro , whose names are also contracted versions of the Japanese words for twenty-nine and thirty. Slayers has main character Lina and her never-appearing older sister Luna. Specifically, taking the "Mirai" and "Clulu" from their names and putting them together forms "miraclulu" meant to be "mirakuru", the English word "miracle" spelt in the Japanese alphabet. Teknoman breaks the pun by renaming Shinya as Cain. Tatsuya and Kazuya from Touch. Taking it a step further, they are nicknamed Tacchan and Kacchan. Tsukiuta has Koi and Ai, the male and female idol representatives for February.

Both of their names mean "love". They both have pink hair, and their birthday is on Valentine's Day. There is a yaoi manga called Twins Labyrinth not about Twincest where the twins are named Rin and Ren. Zero and Ichiru Kiryu from Vampire Knight. From Virgin Ripper , there's Koto ri and Koto ha. Mei and Kyu in Yu-Gi-Oh! In the dub their names become Para and Dox. Although Ryoga is called " Shark " by most of the characters.

The Nishigori triplets in Yuri!!! Chitose and Chizuru Ikeda from Yuru-Yuri , sharing the first syllable. Comic Books. A Spanish Comic series features Zipi and Zape, named after the word zipizape , meaning chaos. Their father wanted to call them Romulus and Remus, but their mother disagreed because they would get too many Incredibly Lame Puns. Additionally, the latter twins' code names, Aurora and Northstar, are both astronomy-themed. Twin sisters Dusk and Dawn of Noble Causes. One suspects their parents resorted to nicknames early on, since the two are homophones in most American dialects.

Michael and Michelle Carter from Booster Gold , were given the masculine and feminine versions of the same name respectively. Amusingly enough, Thompson and Thomson originally Dupond and Dupont from the Tintin comics are not twins. They're not even related, despite being identical except for the shapes of their mustaches.

Dupond with a D has the slightly d-shaped one, and Dupont with a T has the slightly t-shaped one. Tambi and Bambi Baker from Strangers in Paradise. Real names: Mary Beth and Sara Beth. Or when he goes evil for that matter. And for an alliterative example, the trio's mother, Della, and her twin brother Donald Duck.

Daisy's triplet nieces April, May, and June, who only appear in the comics. Swordquest has Torr and Tarra, who were named after their father, Lord Tarr. Dawn and Eve Greenwood in Silver Surfer. In Split Second , there are two pairs: Twilight and Sparkle were born on the same day to the same parents, making them twins in a weird sort of way. They split their original name when they became two independent ponies. They still shared the same mothers yes, plural and were born on the same day.

Princess Cadence in Friendship is Witchcraft has a twin named Cadance. Cadance was introduced because Cadence was Killed Off for Real by Twilight, but Cadance is a reoccuring character in the series proper. Their Fan Nicknames are "Spotty" and "Dotty". In Zelda and the Manacle of Cahla , the names of the Zora Priestess sisters, Asine and Asuca, are derived from the Filipino words for salt and sugar respectively.

They look alike, but have completely different personalities. The Loud House fans have gotten attached to the idea that if main character Lincoln had a twin sister, her name would be Liberty, referencing the fact that Abraham Lincoln is credited with giving Liberty to the slaves. Film — Animation. Dawn and John from the second Care Bears movie. Cars : Mia and Tia, the Miata twins from Cars. Adelita and Scardelita from The Book of Life. Unintentionally subverted in Despicable Me 3 , with Gru and his twin brother Dru initially appearing as this Coco : Oscar and Felipe, whose names mean "friend of deer" and "friend of horses" respectively.

Their great-great-grandnephews are named Benny and Manny. Film - Live-Action. Barbarella : The Creepy Twins Stomoxys and Glossina, whose names are the scientific names of two species of fly. In the comedy Big Business , rich Mrs. Shelton and poor Mrs. Ratliff both happen to give birth to identical female twins in the same hospital. On Mr. Shelton's suggestion as Shelton twins are named Rose and Sadie, after his two favourite aunts. This is overheard by Mr.

Ratliff, who, being unable to think of anything better the good names apparently were all used up among the already existing Ratliff brood , decides to give his new daughters the same two names. But as an absent-minded nurse managed to mix up the two sets of twins, the end result is that in one actual set of twins both played by Lily Tomlin both are called Rose, while those in the other Bette Midler are both called Sadie. While he only appears in a brief sketch from an earlys The Earth Day Special , leading to debate on how canon he is, Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters apparently has an identical twin brother named Elon.

Literally completely identical. Both Spengler twins were played by the same actor within the span of a year or so. Egon does mention having nieces and nephews in the video game , but doesn't mention Elon or even having a twin outright. Hail, Caesar! Noreen and Doreen from Hairspray.

In the sequel to the deliberately campy The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra , two characters who had been killed off turn out to have had identical twins. One of them merely shares the last two letters of his dead brother's name, but the other one has exactly the same name. When he's asked whether it ever caused confusion, he explains "We have different last names". President Scroob's twin mistresses, Marlene and Charline, from Spaceballs.

This suggests that Tweedle might be a surname, much like Turanga or Mao. But these Tweedles still have their own theme: low intelligence. And later, when Abby joined the club, her twin was named Anna. Which is rather funny, considering the Author admitted that Abby and Anna were called Lucy and Ethel in drafts, as naming the twins was the grand prize of a fan contest. There are also twins named Mariah and Miranda in the girls' class at school.

Averted with the Pike triplets Adam, Byron, and Jordan. Most twins featured in A Song of Ice and Fire have half-rhyming or alliterative names, including the Tyrell guards Erryk and Arryk named after a famous historical pair of twins in-universe , Aegon and Aemon Blackfyre although those are both popular names in their family tree , Horas and Hobber Redwyne, and Jeyne and Jennelyn Fowler.

Averted with major characters Cersei and Jaime, though. Alan was the name of her late father , as well as the name she used while posing as a boy during her knight training. However, in an aversion, her twin's name was Thom. Which itself means twin. Rhyme and Reason from The Phantom Tollbooth , on top of the fact that most characters in the story are just about the definition of Anthropomorphic Personification.

The mirror-image names are a reference to them being Polar Opposite Twins , but the author also gave everyone else in their family palindromic names. Tira and Kira from The Belgariad and prequels, and even more so once they get their wizard names: Beltira and Belkira. They're actually pronounced "two-ay" and "two-bee". A variant happens in Fangirl where the protagonist and her twin sister are named Cath and Wren because their mother didn't know she had twins and didn't bother to come up with a second name when she found out.

She just split Catherine and gave each daughter a half.

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The Twinning Verse Three: The Song Of The Seraphim

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